Five Steps for Choosing Quality Child Care

I. Look

Begin by visiting several child care homes or centers. On each visit, think about your first impressions, but don’t stop there. Look at the area, the caregiver, and the children. Make sure the environment is safe, inside and out. Also look at the furnishings. Make sure there are plenty of toys and learning materials within your child’s reach.

II. Listen

What does the child care setting sound like? Do the children sound happy and involved? What about the teacher’s voices? Do they seem cheerful and patient? A place that is too quiet may mean not enough activity. A place that’s too noisy may mean there’s a lack of control. In high quality learning environments children are excited about what they are doing and are excited about being there. If children look scared or bored, they probably are.

III. Count

Count the number of children in the group. Then count the number of caregivers. Obviously, the fewer the number of children for each adult, the more attention your child will receive. A small number of children per adult is especially important for babies and younger children.

IV. Ask

It is very important that the adults that care for children have the knowledge and experience to give them the attention they need. Ask about the background and experience of all staff. If possible, ask other parents who use that facility.

V. Decide

Decide which arrangement will work best for your family. Go over your notes and questions you have asked. If you are unsure of a program, visit again.

Lending Library

The Resource Lending Library is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 4:30pm. The Library may be used 30 minutes prior to workshops offered at DCPC.

Who can use the Resource Lending Library?

  • All Duplin County residents
  • Child care centers-the director and two staff members
  • Family Child Care Homesowner/ director
  • Community agencies-director and staff
  • Parents/individuals

Resources Available

  • Children’s books, videos, CD’s, audio tapes.
  • Parenting resources
  • Resource materials for teachers
  • Prop boxes-theme boxes that contain activities such as literature, games, music & dramatic play props.
  • Workstation with laminator, art waxer, and Ellison die cut machine. (Great for scrapbooking!)

Loan Period

  • All items may be checked out for 30 days.
  • One extension may be granted upon request.

Membership Fees

An annual membership fee will be charged to cover normal wear and tear of items and upkeep of materials. The fees are based on the type of membership.

Memberships are as follows:

  • Parent/individual
  • Family Child Care Home
  • Small center (capacity-13 to 29)
  • Medium center (capacity-30 to 79)
  • Large center (capacity-80+)
  • Agency & Pre-K sites

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