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EPIC Teacher Bonus 
Do you want more money for being an excellent Teacher?  Duplin County Partnership is offering the EPIC Teacher Bonus.  You can receive a check twice a year for having college credits or a degree.  For additional information regarding our EPIC Program, please contact Rita Flynn at (910) 296-2000    Click here for Eligibility Requirments             Click here for checklist                         Click here for printable EPIC application and Employment Verification forms     


Duplin County Hurricane Florence Diaper Bank

This program is free to eligible Duplin County residents.  Diapers and other related items will be available to families that have been impacted by Hurricane Florence.  For more information about this service, please contact Karen Pacheco at (910)-296-2000

Triple P. (Positive Parenting Program)

Triple P. is designed to give parents the skill they need to raise confident, healthy children and teenagers and to build stronger family relationships.  Triple P. does not tell people how to parent, rather, it gives parents simple and practical strategies they can adapt to suit their own values, beliefs and needs.  The strategies address the simplest to the most complex parental concerns.  The benefits can be dramitc and long lasting.  For more information about this program, please contact Rita Flynn or Amanda Sanderson at (910) 296-2000.

Reach Out and Read

This activity partners with medical care practices to provide pre-literacy opportunities for children and their parents. Participating medical care providers voluntarily incorporate Reach Out and Read (ROR), an evidence-based model, into young children's regular pediatric checkups or well-child visits. During each of the routine visits, parents receive a new, culturally and developmentally appropriate book to take home and read to their children. The medical provider discusses the importance of reading, model reading a book aloud to the child, and encourages parent-child interactions as part of pre-literacy and language development. The program begins at the child's 6-month checkup and continues through age 5. Additionally, the children's "medical home" displays a "literacy-rich" waiting room area that reinforces the doctor's "prescription to read".

Child Care Scholarship

This activity provides financial assistance to Duplin County parents to pay for child care. This program is available to parents/guardians of children birth through five, so they can go to work, attend school, or participate in job training activities. For more information about signing up for child care assistance or questions about this program, please contact Duplin County Partnership for Children at 910 296-2000.

Program Coordinator & Evaluation

This activity utilizes a full time person to oversee activities funded through Smart Start and private grants. The Program Coordinator works closely with other staff to monitor compliance with approved activity.



This activity helps to ensure ongoing community awareness of Smart Start funded programs and services.  A Bilingual Outreach Specialist will coordinate initiatives designed to promote Duplin County programs and services to the community as well as develop relationships with community partners and stakeholders by collaborating with educational, business, faith, social and health organizations serving childdren birth to five and their families and by promoting public awareness of early childhood issues and services.  The bilingual Outreach Specialist will also create outreach materials for the Partnership, provide educational/informational presentations to local audiences, coordinate Parrtnership events and represent the Partnership on local committees.  Additionally, trained staff will conduct car seat safety clinics and workshops throughout the county and distribute information related to proper car seat installation.  Age and size appropriate car seats will be distributed during car seats workshops and clinics to Duplin County residents at a reduced cost.

Child Care Resource and Referral

Child Care Resource and Referral(CCR&R) Services is an activity that supports families of young children (birth through twelve) by helping to improve the quality of child care. CCR&R provides referrals for child care to parents, workshops for child care teachers, and a lending library for providers and parents. For more information, please contact Duplin County Partnership for Children at 910-296-2000.


Quality Enhancement Project

This activity provides mini grants (non-monetary) to child care providers to purchase equipment for facitlites to enhance their programs. These packages also provide extensive technical assistance and training for facilities. For more information, please contact Duplin County Partnership for Children at, 910-296-2000.


Parents As Teachers

This is a free program that focuses on working with parents of prenatal to five year old children. The Parent Educator visits a parent's home and provides developmentally appropriated ways for them to play and interact with their children. This activity also provides group meetings for families of the program. For more information, please contact Duplin County Partnership for Children at 910-296-2000.     PAT Referral Form

Pre-Kindergarten Classes

This activity funds two developmentally appropriate pre-kindergarten classes in Duplin County.  The Pre-K activity helps to prepare children to enter kindergarten ready to learn, by using a learning environment organized around eight interest areas.  For more information about when and where to enroll your child, please contact Duplin County Schools at 910-298-3249.


Early Childhood Lending Lending Library

The Early Childhood Lending Library offers children's books, music CD's, themed prop-boxes for learning enhancement, parenting resources, Ellison die cut machine, pens, glue, paper and much more. The Early Childhood Lending Library is available to all Duplin County residents with a current membership.  Hours of opperation are Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Each member will be issued a library card during the initial enrollment period.  All items may be checked out for 30 days.  Materials must be returned on or before the due date.  All members may check out a total of ten (10) items consisting of no more than two (2) prop boxes.  For more information regarding the Early Childhood Lending Library, please contact Karen Pacheco at 910-296-2000.     printable flyer      Early Childhood Lending Library Policy

Regulated Child Care and Licensing Information in NC


Who’s Regulated by the Division of Child Development?


How Do I Get Licensed?


What is the Family Child Care Home Application Process?


What is the Child Care Center Application Process?


Licensing Requirements Overview and Rule Changes


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Explanation of Star Ratings


What is a “Star Rated License”?
The star rated license is a voluntary licensing system where your program can earn points in two components:

  • Program Standards
  • Staff Education

In addition, programs having a two component license can earn a "quality point" for meeting enhanced standards for staff education and program standards.

Why “Star Rated Licenses”?
North Carolina moved to this system in 2000 for many reasons. It allows your child care program to be recognized for the higher quality care that you are already providing. In the previous system your program's indvividual strenghts were not highlighted. For Family Child Care Homes, there was not any way to indicate being recognized for providing higher qualilty care.

Be sure to explore other pertinent star rated license information in order to:

  • Understand how points are calculated
  • Learn how a star rating can be increased
  • See a sample license
  • Read the most frequently asked questions about star rated licenses

How Are Points Earned?
When you apply for a star rated license a child care consultant will visit your program and evaluate each of the two quality components as well as the quality point option that may be selected by your program:

  1. Program Standards
  2. Education Standards

You will receive one point for meeting minimum requirements. To earn more than one point, you will have to meet higher voluntary standards.

For more information on how points are earned and how to determine star ratings please visit:

Increasing Your Star Rating
Once you have received a star rated license, you may decide that you want to try and increase your star rating. If you have a one star rated license, you can apply for a 2-5 star rated license at any time. If you have a 2-5 star rated license, you can reapply for a higher rating after six months.

Visit the link below for valuable resources and suggestions on how you can earn more points.

Star Rated License FAQs
Visit the link below for a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

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